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Woman Yelling at Cat Meme?

Some people also confuse the crying cat meme with the woman yelling at cats meme. Both are different. The woman yelling at cat is a crop out of a Hollywood star. It was cropped on a cat image on a dining table.

See both the image below and observe the resemblance available in both of them

This is the woman yelling at the crying lady cat meme. As you can see, the cat is on a dining table and it looks like that the woman is actually yelling or blaming the cat for some unknown reason.

However, reality is starkly different.

In fact, Taylor Armstrong the woman who is shown in the image was pointing to another woman who was gossiping about her husband.

Taylor Armstrong and her husband were going through a tough time. The photo was captured by someone and posted on the internet about 15 years ago. It didn’t go viral at that time.

However, in 2019, a girl posted an image on twitter with the crop out of the image of cat named ‘Smudge’. And the merged images vent viral as a meme.

Ironically, both were of different times, yet they fit together. Sorry Taylor, we hope that this image of yours going viral will not hurt you anymore. And fortunately, it didn’t. Taylor was offered a lot more roles because of her image going viral. She has now a net worth in millions.

Smudge on the other hand is the cat in the image. It is a pet of a Toronto-based woman. Smudge likes to have its own seat on the table while eating. The best part about all this is that Smudge doesn’t like salad. And, it still makes the same weird expression when it is on the table.

So, this was the story behind the ‘Woman yelling on cat’ meme and it has nothing to do with ‘Crying cat meme hearts’ or the ‘screaming cat meme’.

We have told you about both, the crying cat memes, crying cat face meme and the screaming cat memes in detail. We also shared their history and how you can create them by yourself if you have access to meme generator websites like Imgflip.

If you want to create memes yourself on your mobile, you can use any photo editing app. However, there are many meme generator apps available that you can use as well. They come as templates and you just have to add your own text to turn them into images.

Once the crying cat meme images are created on your mobile, you can shared them on WhatsApp, put them on Facebook, share them on Twitter or Tumblr, or even reddit.

Who knows, maybe your crying cat meme becomes the next meme of the year?