What is a crying cat face

The crying cat face discovered on the internet in 2014 and immediately became extremely popular on forums / socials and communities. Do you want to know everything about this craze and do you want to make or send a crying cat face to us? Which can! The crying cat face started as an emoji and now many crying cat memes and crying cat meme hearts are made of real cats. This lot with edited versions in Photoshop. Can Cats Really Cry? Yes, see our extensive collage with cool and the most successful crying cat faces.

What does a crying cat face mean in the online world

Crying cat face really simply means. A crying cat or a cat with tears running down its cheeks. This craze was discovered in the beginning of 2010 and came to success in 2014. People discovered more and more about ‘Memes’ and thus the crying cat meme.

Make your own crying cat face

Do you also want to make a crying cat face meme? Or just a crying cat face emoji? Many of these possibilities can be found on the internet by means of simple generators. In no time you will have a great meme or emoji of your crying woman cat meme.

The best crying cat faces on a row

To have the best crying cat faces in a row from 2014 to 2021. We have placed a small selection of the best crying cat face images below.