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Crying Cat Memes: Everything You Need to Know About Them

The crying cat meme has become an internet revolution. The trend actually started when someone posted

Crying Cat Meme (46)

a picture of a cat crying. Obviously, it was photoshopped. But people still wanted to share it and so the trend began. Today, it is one of the most used memes around the world because of many reasons.

People use the crying cat meme when they want to express sorrow, sadness, surprise, or bad luck.

See this trend of the Crying cat meme:

The trend spiked somewhere between 2019 and then many other crying memes came to the market so people started using them as well. However, the Crying cat meme is still famous among most of users, especially those who love cats.

Let’s see how the crying cat meme trend actually started.

What are Crying Cat Memes?

For starters, crying cat memes is not referred to a particular image. It is any cat that is photoshopped with crying human eyes. Most professional meme makes put images of human eyes on cats and then add them to websites like Giphy, Reddit, Imgur, and then people start sharing those memes.

The first emergence of the Crying cat meme was in August 2014 when someone cut human eyes and pasted them on the image of a serious cat. He/she then labelled the new image as ‘Crying cat’. The image went viral and people started using it to express their feelings on social media, online chats, and even in forums like this.

History of Crying Cat Memes

After the first appearance of the Crying cat meme, it was used by a user YoussefArafa88 of The user used the image in late 2014. After that, it was not used for half a year.

It later reappeared on April 9th, 2015 on a German imageboard called Pr0gramm. The image was called in German as Schmuserkadser. It became popular from then onwards and was used in many places later on.

Later, it reappeared on the 4chan forum. People then started using it as a viral meme on Facebook, Reddit, and other social media and social sharing websites.

People also started creating more crying cat memes because the original one was too blurred. Check also our members page for more information.

How to Draw Crying Cat Memes?

Creating a crying cat meme is easy. Human eyes are cropped from an image of a crying human and then pasted on a cat. Most professional memes makers make sure that the eyes are incredibly moist so that it appears that the cat was actually crying.

Since cat eyes are similar to ours except the pupil, it becomes easier for humans to accept that it is a crying cat and not a cropped photoshopped image.

You can use any program to draw crying cat memes. Most people use photoshop, however, now many mobile applications are available that can do the same for you. There are even Instagram filters that you can use on a cat’s photo to make it look like it is crying.

What is the Meaning of Crying Cat Meme?

There is an emotional feeling attached to the crying cat memes. Cats are adorable animals and they look really innocent although they are not. However, small kittens are thought to be really adorable by people.

So, when someone adds crying eyes on a kitten/cat, it positions the image as that of someone that has their heartbroken.

People have even started changing the setting of the cats to make the images appear more appealing. Although since we humans know that cats can’t cry like that, the feeling is a mix of emotional appeal and comic.

The purpose of the crying cat memes is to depict or express our thoughts on irony. Examples are: when you have made 99 runs and are close to your century in cricket but you are balled out. Or, you aced a match, but someone knives you out in Counter-Strike.

Or, when all your friends are online but your internet stops working.

There are many similar scenarios available where the crying cat memes look logical.

How to Find Crying Cat Memes Pictures?

Finding crying cat memes is easy on search engines. If you are using Google or Duckduck go, simply type ‘Crying Cat memes’ on the search results and then click on ‘Images’. That is it, you will get a plethora of images of crying cats. These are all the top searched images for crying cats that people actually love. Also we have here on the website the best result of the most famous crying cats in the world.

Finding Crying Cat Memes Wall Papers

If you plan to use Crying cat memes or crying cat memes hearts as your desktop or mobile wallpaper, you can repeat the same steps. However, when you are on images, filter the results to find images that are in high resolution.

Here is how to do that.

Select the ‘Large’ from Size menu in ‘Tools’ on the Google search results. This will bring results that are of high quality only. This way, when you add the images on your desktop, they won’t break.

Similarly, if you want to find crying woman cat memes for your mobile wallpaper, here is how you can find them:

From here, select ‘transparent’ from the Color menu. You will now have only Crying cat memes that were saved as PNG. This way you can turn them into wall papers for your smartphone devices. You can also crop them to fit your mobile screen. More information about articles for cat fun.

Crying Cat Memes Generator – How to Use Them?

Do you know that you can also create your own crying cat memes using the Memes generator tool? There are tons of these tools available and you can easily use them to create funny crying cat memes for anything you wish for.

Let’s see how to use these crying cat memes generators.

Most crying cat memes generators have the crying cat pictures readily available. However, if you want to create your own crying cat memes, you can upload a new template.

When you have decided to use a crying cat memes picture, simply add the ‘Top Text’ and the ‘Bottom Text’ and you will have the crying cat memes ready for promotion.

Most social media marketers and managers use these image generators to create hilarious memes for themselves or for different occasions.

A few good sites that you can use for creating crying cat memes are: Imgflip, Kapwing, and even Adobe itself. However, you would need to sign up for Adobe if you want to design your own crying cat meme.

The best part with Adobe is that you can create and edit the crying cat memes as and when you want.

Apart from that, you can also use Canva to create quality crying cat memes for sharing with your friends.
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Why is My Cat Crying Memes?

Most people like cat think that the cat crying memes are actually disrespecting the cats. However, they should rest assured that cats were not made to cry in reality. Cats don’t cry like this in fact.

These are all edited photos that professional memes makers have created to share on the internet.

You can also create your own crying cat memes online with the help of a few free tools. These can then be turned into memes and you can use them for promoting them on your social media or sharing them in private conversations with your friends. We have share also nice information on the next pages click here for home and garden information about cats and click here some amazing games.